I Smart CMS

CMS is standard of Cash Management Service that a service provides CMS using organization automatically deposit and withdraw from customer’s accounts on contracted day.


i-Smart CMS was developed for fast business processes and decision making to help companies optimize profit. It is enhanced from the current simple receipt management function that contains in one program all of necessary information to make decisions for a supervisor and enterprise fund management. Therefore, basic receipt management function includes various main core functions with an account integration management for dispersed accounts, a corporation card management, an electronic tax invoice management, an affiliated companies’ sales management, a cash receipt management, a simple ledger management, etc.

What’s going on?

CMS for new estimated enterprise
· Enterprises need for easy receipt work & purchase & sales management, business management
· Enterprises for sensitivity in a small outlay
· New enterprise or enterprises need for simple receipt functions
Social organization, union, member meeting
· Enterprises pay for member meeting fees or donations periodically
· Enterprises has members who deposit non periodically or receipt regularly
· Enterprises needs management on various accounts
IT Service, communications, POS terminal enterprises
· Enterprises want an auto service of deposits for a ledger management
· Enterprises need sales management through various receipt methods beside CMS
· Enterprises need affiliated corporation’s sales management

Main Functions

  • Receipt Management

    It can receipt to using organization’s designated accounts for monthly fees on the contracted day from customer’s accounts

  • Simple ledger Management

    Using organization can manage by recording business conditions and ledger.

  • Integrated management of accounts/corporate cards

    Using organization can see their current remaining amount or search transaction information for bank accounts and corporate card.

  • Integrated management of electronic tax invoices

    Using organization can search own tax invoices and purchase/sales transactions.

  • Integrated management of cash receipts

    Using organization can search cash receipts for purchase and sales information.

  • Afililated companies’ slaes management

    It can manage sales by registering affiliated companies.

Sample Screen

  • Screen of mangement for customer’s receipts
  • Screen of approval receipts/Application of close contract
  • Screen of application for withdrawal of receipts
  • Screen of result for withdrawal of receipts

Service Effect

  • 1A customer, using all banks and all securities, can receipt one’s fund in one account.
  • 2It solves difficulties for receipts that using organization can withdraw funds from their customer’s accounts on contracted date
  • 3It is easy to manage late fees by re-withdrawal if it didn’t withdraw from customer’s account.
  • 4Using organization can receive deposits in designed account on next business day (D+1) of customer’s payment date (D).
  • 5A customer, using all banks and all securities, can receipt one’s fund in one account.
  • 6A customer, using all banks and all securities, can receipt one’s fund in one account.

Service Advantage

  • It is composed of simple screens and easy business processes by few clicking.
  • Enterprise’s information cannot run off externally that CMS program is installed in using organization’s PC.
  • It is available various functions
    for business processes that is basic receipts included an account integration management and a corporation card management.
  • We have been a traditional finance solution company in 15 years and provides upgrading services continually.

Service Components

  • Product Composition
    · CMS receipt management
    · Simple ledger

    Purpose of utilization
    Simple receipt business, purchase/sales management, and business management

  • Product Composition
    · i-Smart CMS basic model
    · fund management(integrated management
    on Account/corporate card)

    Purpose of utilization
    Various accounts’ management on 4 receipt for dues and periodical donation

  • Product Composition
    · high-class model
    · ledger management(electronic tax invoice + cash receipt + affiliated companies’ sales management)

    Purpose of utilization
    Large number of receipts per month, or affiliated companies’ sales management