Orchestra is a Hybrid Framework that combines the merits of Native Application and Web technology. It is an ideal cross platform that supports various smartphone OS environment and reduces application development / operation cost.


The orchestra is a ‘digital banking platform’ based on the experience of building a banking system for over 16 years. Accessibility is easy by applying web table (HTML5) based on W3C (Web standard) establishment recommendation method which is intend to strengthen intuitiveness. We have developed standardized Hybrid App utilizing the main application technology considering Native APP aspect. FINGER VINA successfully performs the best digital banking business for the 4th Industrial Revolution Period such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things.

Customer Needs

The Orchestra offers a variety of technical and business design ideas to ensure optimal system construction by ensuring quality assurance, productivity and ease of maintenance, portability and scalability, reliability and business flexibility.

What is Orchestra?

Platform Structure

Orchestra Build up

Staring from Orchestra 1.0, hybrid method using PhoneGap, in 2011, we built proprietary orchestra cross platform named Orchestra Neo(Orchestra 3.1) with the continuing brand name in 2013. Since then, we release Orchestra Symphony(Orchestra 5) which is upgraded to ensure stability and convenience, including various features.

Orchestra service area

Increase sales and vitalize integrated financial transactions through acquiring loyal customers and attracting new customers. By leading the domestic financial market through services, provide fast and easy smart banking service.

Service Features

Functional Side
Flexeble Main View
– Each service for Each customer

Simple and Easy
– Provide easy to see UI
– Convenience UX using by Deep Learning
– Smart OTP, Simple remittance etc.

Smart Searching engine

Service Side
Special customer service using BingDATA
– Target customer service

Merchant-Internet-Mobile connecting product
Internet/Mobile Data analysis information
– ODS/smart banking marketing

household ledger, Schedule/Event service

Technical Side
Digital Banking Platform ‘Orchestra’
– Customer focusing update
– Contents marketing adventage

Innovative Idea
– Wearlable Banking, Social Banking etc.

Contents platform
– Responsive web page, internet/mobile code share

Business Side
Lots of experience of Financial IT
– Customer service and system safety
– Banking IT System Know-how

Provide project focusing team
– Experience of System Test
– More than 100 test devices