Carry M

CarryM is an unified messaging solution, effectively enabling to reach its potential users. The goal is to achieve customer success by providing optimal solutions for effective marketing and successful performance.


Email marketing solution that can send high-volume marketing emails as well as personalized PDF/HTML bill and notification attachments

  • Marketing
  • Automated
  • Encrypted PDF
  • Encrypted HTML

Improve system operating efficiency by integration of different electronic messaging channels into a single interface

Software as a service via web or dedicated server
Messaging to corporate’s customers on their behalf

Grab the customer attention by using their favorite channel

Application of
Multi-Channel Marketing

Extra Feature

  • By providing a mobile exclusive writing tool similar to that of a mobile phone, CarryM enhances user convenience, thus making it easy to use.
  • CarryM offers various templates. It is also possible to set sharing options for individual/ department/ whole.

Extra Feature (UMS – Push)

  • CarryM provides free message notification service that sends real time information to its smartphone users.
  • Its message notification service is optimized for various mobile, offering functions of convenient writing and device checking.

Push Notification

  • Expansion of customer contact points. → Providing diverse information → Strengthening mobile marketing.
  • Users receiving real time information related to its app. (Information including events, coupons, new products, etc.) → More customers participating → Increase in sales
  • Providing real time statistics on app push shipment → Analysis of customary response → Strengthening customer relationship management.

Extra Feature
(PDF Secure Email)

  • Unlike regular Email, PDF secure Email is the only service which can be read in all browsers.
  • Mobile devices allow customers to receive email in real time regardless of location. Thus, the open rate of Email is high and its customer service is strengthened.
PDF received screen (PC)
PDF received screen (Mobile)

Suggestion (Diagram)

  • This is a configuration, optimized for security purpose. Sending and receiving servers are separated due to customer information protection.
  • The sending server is located inside for security purposes.
  • The receiving server is located DMZ zone and blocks external access.

H/W Diagram

  • EMS WEB UIS is placed in the internal network to improve customer information security.
  • EMS WEB connects to EMS DB and shows the sending/receiving result.
  • Thus, it is recommended to be placed in the intranet.
S/W Diagram
wiseU 5.x Description
LTS Sent by departments/ Schedule management
MTS Message generation and Dispatch server
ITS Receive confirmed. Tracking Link. Response information collecting server
e-Care Automatic forwarding Web UI server
e-Marketing Bulk mail Web UI server

Provided proven products
and service for 14 years

  • Delivered more than half of financial institutions in Korea
  • Product and services are proven by numerous projects