BIG, Finger’s scraping solution, grasps the scope of information required when conducting business, and collects the information based on a scraping. The collected data is provided in a processed form that can be readily used by companies.


Individuals and companies want to collect financial and non-financial assets the customer has. Until now, they have collected data firsthand through spending time and money on marketing, but NOW they can get ASP service through (scraping based) data collecting agency. A service that has been fully verified on spending time and money at certifying collected data and speed.

What is Scraping?

Scraping is a technique used to increase the added value of the data by extracting the needed data accurately ‘if collecting DATA from the WEB’

  • Scraping
  • Web Crawling
When processing two bank works, one card work and public work (NTS) and submitting a report, it takes about 30~40mins; from website certification & finding related data to collecting the data & reporting. But with scraping all these tasks could be done in 1 minute. (Quickness of Work)

  • With Scraping

    With scraping, every process of the work can be done with
  • Without Scraping

    Without scraping, every login, reviewing related data, collecting data has to be done manually at every website (as the number of sites)

Secure Scraping

Scraping is carried out by using accredited certificate that is used in financial institutions, public institutions or similar agencies. Therefore security is assured when processing work.

  • Scraping
  • Web Crawling
  • Bank
  • Card
  • Securities
  • Insurance
  • ……
  • Etc,.

Service Type 1. Client

Finger’s scraping technique of Client Service is the most commonly used type

Client Service Case
An independent separate program is installed on the user’s PC without using the Scraping Server of the service organization, and then run a program on the user PC to scrap the necessary data through the Internet and store the information on the user PC
  • ·Fast Process
  • ·Client’s trust is high and operation expense is low
  • ·No financial institution server & network load
  • ·Short term to establish
  • ·Easy maintenance due to simple structure
Use Cases Use as Add on function on various Applications (ex : various CMS, ERP, tax accounting system, In-House banking, internet loan system, closing business, real estate info, etc,.)
Legal Issue There is no legal issue for an individual (or a client) to import scraping information about himself / herself through automation certification under his own certificate management

Service Type 2. Server

Server-type of Finger scraping is used to verify provide convenience on important information verification procedure and repetitive continuous operations

Server Service Type
A method of getting the scraped information from the user PC. In order to scrape information of financial institutions such as bank or credit card company, use a scraping server of the scraping providing institution and store user information in an internal DB of a service institution, and getting them via internet.
  • ·Support various types of UI(UX) (C/S Environment, WEB, APP)
  • ·Can be operated by connecting to existing system
  • ·Massive DB operation for multiple users is possible
  • ·Can apply as Enterprise for duplex configuration and massive processing
Use Cases Consumer Credit Scoring, Prime Court e-bond, research administration(RCMS), support franchise, ID authenticity verification service
Legal Issue Impossible to verify based on certificate, No legal problems, for it is operated through information viewing approval procedure: the customer has to verify by simple ID/PW

Service Type 3. Hybrid

Finger’s scraping is sending some collected client based information to operating server and implementing Data sharing.

Shinhan bank Service Type
A type that connects information acquired based on Client technique with the server.
  • · Flexible scalability
  • · Various services can be offered though DATA sharing
  • · Applicable on various business models
Use Cases Shinhan bank Money-mentor, tax accounting system, various household accounts services
Legal Issue No legal problems since the individual (or client) scrapes his/her related information through automatic verification of personal certificate, and carries out some information data transfer and information providing work under the consent of personal information

Applied Range

The following services and solutions are real applied cases implemented in various fields based on Finger’s scraping.