Apolloan is a non-facing P2P loan solution through mobile and web. It can provide a localized P2P loan service using a massive big data.


  • According to current law, P2P lending companies are subjected by “Lending company Act ” , “Similar Trust Act Law”
  • Use selling Pay-Through rights in order to solve the problem when the investor has to enroll as a lending company to act a direct loan
  • The company can earn a client’s trust when connected to a financial institution, but it’s hard to flexibly operate a product that reflects the market’s needs

Core Competitive Advantage

  • Experience in Loan product strategy and operation

    · Retail finance Sales, Professionals specialized in Risk management (22years experience in retail finance sales)

  • Ability to Gather and nalyze Big Data

    · Developed Credit Evaluation model that reflects non-financial data that no other financial institutions use
    · Sharing Web/Mobile Scraping Patent technology(Korea’s first and best)

  • Ability to Construct System/ Infrastructure

    · Technical support from our holding company, Finger Inc., that has 16 years experience in Banking IT

Item Lending Science Others(P2P)
Application Channel Mobile / WEB WEB
Required Documents Non ID / Proof of emp.& income/ account copy
Lead Time Real-time (60~100 Sec.) Overnight (Funding the next day)
Credit Scoring Variables Credit Bureau data (NICE) + Scraping data Credit Bureau data (like NICE, KCB)
Investor annual returns About 13% About 10%
Billing Automatic Payments External account transfer
Underwriting Automatic (Rule Based) Manual

How It Works (Loan) :
Legacy VS. Apolloan

How It Works (Invest)

  • Our company manage two types of investment products : ‘Standard Investment’ and ‘More Soild Returns ’
    → Can act investment strategy according to investor’s tendency
  • * Standard Investment (Portfolio) : Diversify investment as the number of funds in the portfolio as the account of the loan
  • * More Soild Returns (Tranche Option) : Invest on Senior tranche and Junior tranche from part of the portfolio (High rate of return stability)
Standard (Portfolio Investment) More solid returns (Tranche Option)
Diversify risk by diversifying investment as the number of funds in the portfolio as the account of the loan
* We minimize risk by selling a certain percentage of senior tranche
from the portfolio to clients, but since our company buys junior tranche, the rate of return is lower than standard investment (There are no investor loss if the loss rate is lower than junior tranche our company cover)

※ Expected revenue

Standard More Solid Returns Gap
12.4% 8.0% 4.4%

Delinquent Loan Management

  • Burden of overdue loan management is not passed on to investing clients, as investment funds are executed through Portfolio Investment
  • Manage delinquent loan (short & mid term) In-House, and consign long/delinquent loan to AMC (Asset Management Company)
  • System based management (SMS / e-Mail ) according to client’s tendency for short-term, and from mid-term implement Collection Soft Call
Status Days of Delinquency Management Details Remarks
Short-term 1~29days · Simple SMS overdue notice on the first day
· Difference in SMS according to client credit grade and overdue date
· e-Mailing after 15days of overdue
· overdue interest on interest amount
Mid-term 30~90days · Simple overdue notice → inform legal status when overdue
· Require repayment, inform over grace period, trigger clause
· After 45days start overdue notice call
· overdue interest on principal
· register delinquent information in CB
Long-term Over 90days · Consign to AMC
· Send notification on legal process initiation
· Hard Call and take legal action (attachment, auction)
· book off and sell as NPL if necessary

Revenue Model